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Upgrade your home with Lansing Series 90 Windows from Benton’s Contracting. Explore our dedicated page for premium, energy-efficient windows known for durability and style. Expert installation ensures superior performance and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your view with Lansing Series 90 Windows. Discover the perfect blend of quality and design. Upgrade your home today

Lansing Windows

Lansing Series 90 Windows

for Replacement

Double Hung, 2 and 3-Lite Sliders and Picture Windows

The Series 90 is the very best of our premium vinyl replacement windows, offering superior energy efficiency and durability. These windows offer a range of premium enhancements made standard and our widest selection of options.

Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® in 2023. Learn More

Available Styles

Series 90 Double Hung Window

Lansing Windows

Series 90 2 and 3 Lite Sliders

Standard Features

  • Exclusive InsulKor™ polyurethane fiberglass-enriched sash reinforcement for superior thermal and structural performance
  • DP 60 rating (window size tested 36″ x 74″)
  • Low-E glass with argon gas keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and consistent
  • External accessory groove accommodates nail fin option
  • Full interlocking lock and meeting rail
  • Beveled mainframe offers a classic exterior appearance
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost thermal performance
  • Dual low-profile, positive-action cam locks increase security (2 locks standard at 27-1/4″ or wider)
  • 3/4″ constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement
  • Sloped sill reduces air infiltration and allows for easy water runoff
  • Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air
  • Dual push-button night latches provide optimum ventilation
  • Full screen is supported by a strong extruded aluminum frame*
  • Full vinyl sash dam on sill and high-performance weather stripping protect against air infiltration
  • Integrated, slim-line lift rail allows for smooth sash operation
  • 4-1/4″ frame thickness enhances appearance as well as structural integrity
  • Jamb depth is 3-1/4″
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty ensures the longevity of your windows

Series 90 Slider Window Specific Options

  • Integrated glide channel for easy sash opening and closing
  • Tandem rollers ride easily along friction-free glide channel
  • Available in 2-lite and 3-lite configurations
  • 3SL Available in 1/4-1/2-1/4 or 1/3-1/3-1/3 configurations
  • XX 2-lite configuration (both sashes operate)

* Screens are not meant to restrain a child from falling through an open window.

Available Options




Brick Red
Dark Chocolate
Hunter Green

Note: Device/Monitor screen settings may affect color shown. Please refer to actual window sample when selecting colors. Laminates and exterior painted options available on select products, if they are not shown above they are not available on this product. Interior and exterior laminates available on white window only. Only use mild, water based household cleaner on painted product and rinse immediately with water. See full cleaning instructions for details. Grid offering limited to 5/8” contoured or SDL on exterior painted windows.

Grid Types

5/8-Inch Flat Grid

3/4-Inch Flat Grid

5/8-Inch Contoured Grid

1-Inch Contoured Grid

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Grid


Grid Patterns



Perimeter Prairie



  • Low-E Glass
  • Ultra Low-E Glass with argon gas
  • Triple-pane, R-5 compliant glass with Low-E Glass with argon gas or Ultra Low-E Glass with argon gas
  • Obscure, tempered or double-strength glass

  • Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) to prevent falling from a window (factory applied)
  • InsulKor™ multi-cavity foam-filled frame
  • Nail fin accessory for use in remodeling or new construction applications
  • Factory mulling of twins and triples
  • Additional lock colors to complement any interior color
  • Clear View Screen Mesh
  • Heavy Duty Screen Mesh
  • FlexScreen—the World’s most flexible screen
  • Custom sizes available

Lansing Windows

Series 90 InsulKor™ Technology

InsulKor™ technology is a system of sash and frame enhancements that dramatically improves the performance of Series 90 windows. Our exclusive InsulKor fiberglass-enriched polyurethane sash reinforcement yields better energy efficiency while maintaining the structural integrity of traditional metal reinforcement.

Lansing Windows

Series 90 Special Features

1.) Optional InsulKor multi-cavity foam-filled frame injections.

2.) Super Spacer® sealant system (standard with Series 90 triple-pane glass options).

3.) Triple-pane, R-5 compliant glass.

The Lansing Warranty

Every Lansing window and patio door is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl, glass and all working parts. Each product is individually registered with a product identification number, making ordering replacement parts throughout the warranty period easy and efficient.

Lansing Product Care

Lansing windows and doors are designed for easy care and maintenance. Click the button below to download Lansing’s window and door care and maintenance guide.

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