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Discover the beauty and durability of LP SmartSide Trim and Siding with Benton’s Contracting. Our dedicated page showcases the premium quality and versatile designs of LP SmartSide products. From stylish trims to resilient siding options, explore the endless possibilities for enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Trust Benton’s Contracting for expert installation, ensuring your property benefits from the best in modern construction materials. Explore our LP SmartSide Trim and Siding page today and elevate your home’s aesthetic with superior craftsmanship and lasting elegance.”

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Durable siding solutions

LP® SmartSide® Siding Materials

Cedar Texture Lap Siding

Cedar Texture Panel

Cedar Texture Vertical

Cedar Texture Shakes

Cedar Texture

Brushed Smooth

Cedar Texture


Advanced Durability

Engineered wood technology provides advanced protection from weather elements.

16 Foot Length

Enables quicker installation and reduces on-site waste.

Fewer Seams

Can lead to a neater and more sophisticated appearance.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Supported by a limited warranty lasting 5/50 years.


Voted as the Most Sustainable Siding Supplier by Green Builder Media in the 2022 Brand Index.

Available Colors

Snow Scape
Sand Dunes
Desert Stone
Quarry Gray
Prairie Clay
Terra Brown
Harvest Honey
Timberland Suede
Garden Sage
Redwood Red
Tundra Gray
Summit Blue
Rapids Blue
Cavern Steel
Midnight Shadow
Abyss Black
Cedar texture

Cedar Texture

Realistic, deep cedar-grain texture and defining shadow lines create the look of traditional wood.

Why cedar texture?
  • Offers the look of traditional wood siding without common problems that come with it
  • Features deep shadow lines that looks more like traditional wood than other claddings
  • Provides a durable option for home styles that lend themselves to a cedar texture look
Cedar texture

Brushed Smooth

Engineered wood trim in brushed smooth creates simple, clean accent looks.

Why brushed smooth?
  • Provides a modern look with durable trim
  • Works with many architectural styles including Modern Farmhouse, updated Ranch and Cape Cod
  • Can be used to create eye-catching details


All LP quality building products are fully warranted. To learn about warranties for specific products, follow the link below.

LP Smart Siding Color Pallette


Instead of narrowing your search to a single color, consider choosing a color set. Three main colors will work together to give your home a cohesive look and feel.

Replacement Windows

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